The Most Beautiful Baby Shower Ever

A baby is one of the most precious gifts a person can receive. But you are not the only one in anticipation of this long-awaited gift, your family and friends are just as eager to give you some other gifts. And these are just what is needed to help mom prepare for what is ahead.

A beautiful baby shower is a time to come together, giving you a whole range of gifts that are newborn essentials. These gifts include things like nappies and wet wipes, adorable outfits and colorful toys. No matter what type of party, regardless of whether it is based on family tradition or whether it is simply a casual gathering of friends, there are a number beautiful options and ways for you to styles these baby showers.

Never the less it is important to familiarize yourself with a few baby shower do’s and don’ts. This will help your guests easily understand what is expected of their presence and what type of shower you will be attending by simply looking at your baby shower invitations. And there are a lot of beautiful options, from fancy and chic to simple and modern styles, your choices are endless, and they are often selected on how well they fit with your theme so that they can set the tone for the celebration ahead.

Pick A Beautiful Theme

Once you have gotten over the initial shock it might be a good point to talk to mom-to-be on the theme. Unless you are planning a surprise and know her really well it is a good idea to ask her what she might like to have. You might want to stay with the same theme as the new parents will decorate the nursery with. It is not a necessary thing to do, but if you have a centerpiece, as an adorable diaper cake you want it to match the newly decorated baby room.

Talk to mom-to-be to get the names of co-workers and other distant family members who you may not know. These are the guests that tend to find their way onto the list toward the end of planning. And to avoid a surprise you should take time to get their names in the beginning. You need to make sure you’ve got all the names and addresses on guest list 6-8 weeks before the shower. If this is going to be a surprise baby shower then you will enlist the help of mom-to-be family and friends.

Sample Theme Invitations

Unique Boho Floral Baby Shower Invitation

Celebrate the birth of a baby boy or girl with this creative invitation!

Navy Nautical It's a Boy Baby Shower Invitation

Modern invitation featuring navy and white stripes and anchor. Other colors are available.

Buck or Doe Gender Reveal Party Baby Shower Card

Country themed gender reveal party invitations. Will it be a buck or doe? Your guests will love this fun theme! Easily personalize with your event details.

Chalkboard Green Blue Bunting Boy Baby Shower Card

A chalkboard themed boy invitation. Featuring a blue and green bunting banner and modern script font.

Cute Chalkboard Jungle Safari Baby Shower Card

AdorableJungle Safari invitation featuring a giraffe, zebra, lion & monkey framed with jungle leaves set on a black chalkboard background with a coordinating back & a stylish hand lettered font. Perfect for a girls baby shower, boys or a gender neutral baby shower.

A Beautiful Idea Is Revealing

Gender reveal shower is another innovation that is sweeping people away with its imaginative simplicity. There are a couple of options here.

And the guests might not be the only ones that are surprised. Parents can choose to find out the sex of the baby along with everyone else at the shower. Or they may want a little forewarning and simply reveal the gender to all their friends.

For the first option the parents-to-be need to work together with their doctor so that she/he does not reveal the baby’s gender. They will need to instruct them to write it down on a piece of paper and and seal it in an envelope.

At the shower, the envelope is opened, and everyone finds out the gender at the same time.

Of course in the second case the parents-to-be know the gender, and they simply reveal it in the shower guests.

Gender Reveal Cake

A fun and unique way to do this is to prepare a cake that is gender neutral on the outside. Then on the inside of the cake a colored filling is made. It can be either pink or blue, so gender is revealed with the first bite of the cake.

While a gender reveal isn’t always a baby shower in most cases this is what it is used for. Or it is better to say that the celebration does double duty as a baby shower, too.

If you get invited to one of these gender reveal parties, keep this in mind that some parents can use this party as something of a baby shower and make sure that you bring a gift. This can be difficult if you do not know the baby’s gender. Since you do not know the gender of the child, could buy anything pink (or blue) be very risky. Instead, choose a baby product that is gender neutral as a green, black or white diaper bag or even a neutral colored onesie sets.

This way your friend or family member will have everything they need, but nothing that could, potentially, be for the wrong gender. If you are invited to a gender disclosing party be prepared with a gift that is suitable for both genders, to be surprised, and getting really excited. Your presence for this very special, intimate and exciting moment will always be remembered and appreciated!

Beautiful Invitations

When it comes to setting the tone and the theme of the celebration, it is essential to choose baby shower invitations which are representative of the type of party you are throwing. No matter if it is a gender reveal, a baby sprinkle, or any other beautiful idea that you come to it is important to maintain the theme through out. That means it doesn’t matter if it’s the jungle theme, ABC 123 or even based on nursery rhymes, continue the style you choose for the invitations throughout the rest of your stationary. This consistency is important, and the mom-to-be’s Family and friends will appreciate the coordinating style and you will have fun putting it together.

If the shower is scheduled after the child’s birth, a photo baby announcements is a good option, which can be used to share important news and prepare for guests to shower the newborn with love.

In the same way as other types of invitations, baby shower invitations should include the date, time and place. They should be sent out four to six weeks before the shower. With most of today’s showers are gift-giving events, registry information should be included in baby shower invitations. Since this is a shower the inclusion of registry information is not inappropriate and you shouldn’t worry about adding it to the card. If you’re looking for ideas on where to host the event, plan on either your own home, the expectant mother’s home, a restaurant, park or local community center. You can be as creative with the site, as you are with baby shower invitations.

Beautiful Invitations for Baby Showers

UNIQUE Denim Jeans Boy Baby Shower

For that modern mommy-to-be these cute and unique denim jeans invitations is just perfect. Blue denim with white and blue letters &#; BABY BOY&#; with &#;#BABYBOY&#;. Personalized and customized / sprinkle templates. Don&#;t forget to add BABY&#;s NAME in the back of card.

Joint Effort Couple's Baby Shower Invitation Navy

A fun, humorous invitation for a couple&#;s this invitation features quirky, multicolour text on a navy background. Plenty of space to customize with your event details. Other colours available.

Modern Unique Wood Rustic Mason Jar Baby Shower Card

Adorable invites with light strings and twinkly mason jars. Rustic wood theme. Perfect for that trendy and modern mommy-to-be. Add you text or delete if not required. For an additional touch, the back of card has BABY NAME in the back. You can add last or first name.

Silver Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Invitation

Beautiful Little star invitation featuring silver stars set on a dark blue background. Flip our neutral invite over to view a coordinating back for an extra special touch. Visit our shop to view this invite in pink, white & blue.

Joint Effort Couple's Baby Shower Invitation

A fun, humorous invitation for a couple&#;s this invitation features quirky, multicolour text on a pale aqua background. Plenty of space to customize with your event details. Other colours available.

Pretty Spring Pink Girl Bunny Baby Shower Card

Stylish baby bunny with pretty pink flowers set on a gray background.

Twink, Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Card

Twink, Twinkle Little Star Invitations.

Unique Chalkboard TWIN Girl Boy Bunny Baby Shower Card

Stylish twin baby girl & baby boy bunny shower invitation with pretty pink & blue flowers set on a black chalkboard background.

Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Invitation

Beautiful Little star invitation featuring gold stars set on a white background. Flip our neutral invite over to view a coordinating faux gold back for an extra special touch. Visit our shop to view this invite in pink & blue.

Girl's Nautical Anchor Baby Shower

Girl&#;s Nautical Anchor Invitations.